It’s always amazing to us that students seem to know so little about who is who in the design community and where design jobs can be found. So here are some ideas to help you out. Make it your mission to get connected to the very community that will employ you. We’re only as good as we collectively give and share!

Social Media
Join studio/agency Facebook pages. Follow them on Twitter. Use LinkedIn if you can.
Chances are they will post positions through these channels, and in the meantime, you
can get to know them and their work better. If you don’t know who’s who, see some
resources below to help you.

Studio/Agency websites
Some have a career/job posting page. Check frequently with the ones you love.

In-house Opportunities
Some companies have in-house designers, and they aren’t all boring either. HOW Magazine
even has a conference dedicated to in-house creatives. Do your research and you’ll be surprised
who employs designers.

Communication Designers Association [CDA]
Have some fun. Volunteer. Network. You might meet someone and get a job.

RGD Ontario
Check out the job board. Become a member.

Also worth looking at their:
Head Start career-building day, portfolio review nights, on-going industry events + webinars, DesignThinkers Conference

Design Edge Canada job board
Check out the job board. Become a subscriber.

Applied Arts Magazine Awards Winners
Check out the winners for names and contact info. Fire off that amazing portfolio of yours.

The Advertising & Design Club of Canada
Sign up for their annual portfolio review night and meet and get critiqued by professionals.

Check out their awards winners for studio/agency names and contact info.

Creative Niche
No luck on your own? Try this creative talent agency.